Feruo LeashMaster 

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We are more than just a leash.

We are feature packed and provide absolute bang for the buck to you! Best Dog Leash in Calgary? We thought so..

4.5 Meter Retractable Leash

A retractable dog leash that is 4.5 meters long, which is the perfect length for small and medium-sized dogs. Made from high-quality materials, this leash is tough and durable. Say good bye to messy tangles and unnecessary locks.

Built-In Battery Powered Night Light

Light up your dog's life with the Feruo leash! This dog leash is specifically designed for nighttime walking. The built-in LED flashlight provides a bright light to help you walk your dog at night with confidence and safety. The built-in LED flashlight provides illumination for those dark areas so you and your pup can always be safe. 

Custom Hand Fitted Grip

Feruo is a new leash that helps you keep your furry friend safe and in control when walking your dog. No more sudden yanks, jerks, or tugs from your pup when you’re trying to keep control on a walk. Perfect for long regular walks, and for the ultimate experience in tug of war!  

Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

The Feruo leash is a smart leash that has a built-in bag dispenser. This leash can hold up to 20 bags at a time, with enough bags to last for a year. The ultimate in convenience, this dog leash is perfect for walks with your dog! With built-in poop bag dispenser, you never have to worry about running out of doggie bags again. When the time comes, simply replace the bags with a new one, any standard store bag fits!

Lock Your Length Settings

Feruo leash enables you to lock the movement or fully allow your pooch to extend or retract their own leash. With this simple innovation, it's easy to change the leash length with a button at the top of the handle. Now you can easily alter the length of your leashes to fit your dog's size and comfort, while still staying within safe range and making sure your dog doesn't get lost.

Choose Your Color

We have two amazing colors, black and red available for you to choose. We offer free sameday shipping  for a very limited time.


In stock

✅ Free Same Day Shipping


In stock

✅ Free Same Day Shipping

Technical Specifications

Product Weight:
Color: Black or Red
Maximum Weight Supported: 25 Kilograms
Maximum Retractable Length: 4.5 Meters
LED Battery: AA (Not Included)


How much will the shipping cost?
Absolutely free! For a limited time we are offering free 2 day shipping to all the orders. 
What is your returns policy?
We offer 30 day return period where a customer is allowed to return the products for any reason. If the return cause is our fault, we will offer free return shipping, however if the return reason is due to change in heart or any other reason which is not our fault, the customer has to pay flat $5 return fee and we will offer return shipping. This helps us keep our prices low for all the customers. 
What is your shipping method?
We hire independent contractors who will come to your place during office hours, 7 days a week. 
What is the length of the dog leash?
The length of this dog leash is 4.5 meters, which can be fully extended or retracted as your wish. 
I own a German Shepherd, will this work for me?
Yes and No, if its a German Shepherd pup under 25 kgs then yes this works for you, but if your pet (no matter the breed) is over 25 kg, you should look for a different solution.
Is the poop dispenser refillable
Yes it is. in fact we put in a lot of time to research it so you can put any store brand poop bag into the dispenser. We do not lock you into overpriced poop dispesers we make unlike most of our competitors out there.
Do you offer gift wrapping?
We do not offer giftwrapping as a service, however contact us using the chat on the bottom right and we might make an arrangement for you.

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