Treeing Tennessee Brindle Breed Facts & Personality

The Treeing Tennessee Brindle is a breed highly regarded within the hunting community for its intelligence, companionship, and skill. While not yet officially recognized by the AKC, this breed boasts a rich history and is represented by the Treeing Tennessee Brindle Breeders Association (TTBBA), established in 1967.

With its distinctive features, including a blocky head, high-set ears, and heavy muzzle, the Treeing Tennessee Brindle possesses a unique appearance. Their short to medium coat and wide-set eyes further contribute to their charm.

Known for their easygoing and tenable personality, these dogs are devoted to their families and work. To thrive, they require an active, outdoor lifestyle, early socialization, and ongoing training. While generally healthy, they may be susceptible to certain health conditions.

This article will delve into more captivating facts about the Treeing Tennessee Brindle's personality, lifestyle, health, and diet, as well as alternative breeds and how to find them.

Appearance and History

The Treeing Tennessee Brindle is a breed known for its distinct appearance and rich history. Since the formation of the Treeing Tennessee Brindle Breeders Association (TTBBA) in 1967, a breed standard for the Treeing Tennessee Brindle (TTB) has been established.

The first TTB registered with the TTBBA was Buck Creek Mountain Linnie on January 28, 1969. This breed is highly intelligent, companionable, and skilled, making it highly sought after in the hunting community.

Although the Treeing Tennessee Brindle is not yet recognized by the AKC, it continues to gain popularity. Notable TTBBA registered dogs have made significant contributions to the breed's reputation and have showcased their exceptional hunting abilities.

The Treeing Tennessee Brindle's appearance and history make it a unique and respected breed among dog enthusiasts and hunters alike.

Personality and Temperament

Known for their easygoing and tenable personality, the Treeing Tennessee Brindle is a breed that is devoted to their family and work. The breed's personality traits include being highly intelligent, companionable, and skilled. They are known to be excellent hunting partners and enjoy activities such as hiking, camping, and running.

Their behavior patterns are shaped by their instincts, which develop at different ages. Early socialization and continuous training and behavior work are necessary to ensure a well-behaved and balanced dog. Similar to any other working dog, they require daily training and mental, physical, and emotional stimulation. Activities like nose work and agility training are beneficial for their overall well-being.

It is recommended to hire a trusted dog trainer to help with their training and behavior needs.

Training and Socialization

A crucial aspect of raising a well-behaved and balanced Treeing Tennessee Brindle is providing them with proper training and socialization. Early socialization is of utmost importance to ensure that the dog grows up to be friendly and confident in various situations. Introducing them to different people, animals, and environments at a young age helps prevent fear or aggression later in life.

Training methods and techniques should be positive and reward-based to encourage the dog's cooperation and eagerness to learn. Consistency, patience, and clear communication are key when training a Treeing Tennessee Brindle. Obedience training, basic commands, and leash manners should be taught early on.

Additionally, mental stimulation through activities like nose work and agility training can help keep them engaged and prevent boredom. Seeking guidance from a professional dog trainer is recommended to ensure effective training and socialization.

Health and Wellness

  1. One important aspect of caring for a Treeing Tennessee Brindle is ensuring their health and wellness. Like any breed, Treeing Tennessee Brindles can be prone to certain common health issues such as hip dysplasia, gene-related eye conditions, hypothyroidism, allergies, and minor skin irritations. Regular check-ups and blood tests may be necessary for diagnosis and treatment. Additionally, their floppy ears make them more susceptible to ear infections, so proper ear care is essential. In terms of grooming, basic maintenance includes regular brushing, nail trims, and teeth brushing. Ensuring a nutritious diet is also crucial for their overall well-being. These active dogs require a higher protein intake and a balanced diet tailored to their specific needs. By addressing these health concerns and following proper grooming practices, you can help your Treeing Tennessee Brindle live a happy and healthy life.
Common Health Issues Grooming Tips
Hip dysplasia Regular brushing
Gene-related eye conditions Nail trims
Hypothyroidism Teeth brushing
Allergies Proper ear care
Minor skin irritations

Diet and Nutrition

Ensuring proper diet and nutrition is crucial for maintaining the health and well-being of Treeing Tennessee Brindles. As working dogs with high energy levels, they require a high-energy diet to support their active lifestyle. Protein is an essential component of their diet, as it helps to maintain healthy muscle mass and fulfill their high-energy needs.

Treeing Tennessee Brindles have a faster metabolism compared to other breeds, which means they require a higher caloric intake. It is important to provide them with a balanced diet that is tailored to their specific needs for overall well-being.

If considering alternative breeds, it is advisable to choose ones that are lower energy or less demanding, such as the Plott Hound, Treeing Walker Coonhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Black and Tan Coonhound, or Redbone Coonhound.

Alternative Breeds

When considering alternative breeds to the Treeing Tennessee Brindle, one option to explore is the Plott Hound. The Plott Hound and Treeing Tennessee Brindle share many similarities, making them suitable alternatives for outdoor enthusiasts. Both breeds are known for their hunting abilities, endurance, and love for outdoor activities.

However, there are a few differences between the two. The Plott Hound is slightly larger and has a more muscular build compared to the Treeing Tennessee Brindle. They also have a different coat texture, with the Plott Hound having a coarser coat.

Despite these differences, both breeds are highly intelligent, loyal, and make excellent companions for those who enjoy outdoor adventures.

Other similar breeds that outdoor enthusiasts may consider include the Treeing Walker Coonhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Black and Tan Coonhound, and Redbone Coonhound.

Finding a Treeing Tennessee Brindle

To find a Treeing Tennessee Brindle, prospective owners have a few options. One option is to reach out to the Treeing Tennessee Brindle Breeders Association (TTBBA) for purebred TTB. The TTBBA is a reputable resource for connecting with responsible breeders who adhere to the breed standard. They can provide information on available litters and help potential owners find a TTB that suits their needs.

Another option is to check local shelters and humane societies for adoption options. Many dogs, including TTBs, end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Adopting from a shelter not only provides a home for a deserving dog but also helps reduce the number of animals in need of homes.


In summary, the Treeing Tennessee Brindle is a highly intelligent and versatile breed, sought after in the hunting community for their exceptional skills and companionship. They are known for their easygoing and tenable personality, making them great for families and individuals alike. With their devotion to their family and work, they require an active, outdoor lifestyle and benefit from early socialization and continuous training.

Contrary to common myths about Treeing Tennessee Brindles, they are not aggressive or difficult to train. In fact, their training needs are similar to any other working dog, and they thrive on daily mental, physical, and emotional activity.

The benefits of owning a Treeing Tennessee Brindle include having an excellent hunting partner, as well as a loyal and loving companion for activities like hiking, camping, and running.


In conclusion, the Treeing Tennessee Brindle is a remarkable breed known for its intelligence, companionship, and hunting skills. With its distinct appearance and easygoing personality, it makes for a loyal and devoted family companion.

However, it requires an active lifestyle and early socialization to thrive. While generally healthy, it may be prone to certain health conditions that should be monitored.

A protein-rich diet tailored to its high-energy needs is crucial for its well-being. Consider the Treeing Tennessee Brindle as a unique and capable hunting breed.

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