15 Things Dogs Love the Most

There are a few things in this world that dogs like more than a fresh meal. In this article, we will discover 15 things dogs love the most. You will be surprised to find out how weird some of the items on this list are and will love your dog even more for it.

Knowing the things dogs love the most helps you, a dog parent, make proper decisions for your dog and make your dog like you more. While making sure that they are well mannered and appreciative.

Here is the list of things dogs love the most

Below we have prepared the list of things dogs love the most which you can implement with your pooch. Having a happy dog makes you a happy individual.

things dogs love the most

Your Scent

A dog's favorite smell in the whole world is you. And the more of your odor on something, the better. A dog's sense of smell is much stronger than ours. And for them, a shirt covered in your scent is one of the most comforting objects in the world.

Surprisingly your nasty clothes are one of the things dogs love the most.

Next time your pup is anxious about being left alone or is staying in a kennel, leave them with that never washed, sweaty shirt you wore to the gym and they will love you for it.

And this is why you may often find your dog lying on top of your pile of dirty clothes. Your clothing has your scent on it, and dogs always want to feel closer to you.

english cocker spaniel 5937757 640
I'm wrapped on my parent's clothing

Taking new routes

Dogs are curious and love nothing more than sniffing around and exploring. Your dog will be grateful if you stop taking them for the same walk every day. Mix up your route once in a while, you can do this by simply walking in a different direction every now and then.

After all, who wants the same boring walking route every day? You can also go to new places, try driving to a park or trail and starting your walk from there. Your pup will be exposed to new smells, sights or experiences. And it's a great way to satiate their instincts to be active.

hiking 4591419 640
I love the scenery on my new route

Checking their Pee-Mail and social media

If your canine frequently stops to urinate when you're walking them, it doesn't mean they're having bladder problems. They are just doing what dogs do, communicating with others of their kind by leaving urine marks.

Believe it or not, dog urine marking is a serious business for canines. It's a protocol that predates electronic devices by thousands of years. By urine marking, your dog is leaving messages so to speak, then other dogs come along and check the message and may leave a message of their own by urinating small amounts over or adjacent to the original spot. This is a unique form of communication where your dog will tell another dog if they sense danger or even let them know about their sexual availability.

This is how your dog sends other dogs a message about where they've been and what they've been doing. Unlike humans who have to use social media apps to catch up on all their friends, news all a dog needs is a whiff of a very prominent vertical surface, such as a fire hydrant, tree or street sign. When you take your pup for a walk, let them check their pee mail to catch up on all the changes in the neighborhood.

dog 4137670 640
Its holiday season, checking for my pee mail

For you to be happy

Believe it or not, your happiness is the most important thing for your dog. In fact, recent studies have shown that when we get stressed, our dogs get stressed too. Dogs can sense when we are happy or upset using their keen sense of smell and unique ability to read body language. So don't be surprised if your pup acts differently when you've had a bad day at work. When your dog notices that you are in distress, their attitude will adjust to your needs.

Your dog will walk up to you gently with their tail lowered and show empathy to comfort you. And when you are happy, your dog's behavior reflects the environment. You'll notice your dog wagging their tail, jumping up or barking out of excitement and mimicking your behavior.

girl 1160441 640
Seeing my friend happy, makes me happy

Pet them where they enjoy the most

How does your dog prefer being pet? It's a question that has stumped many dog owners for centuries. But science now has an answer. A study published in Journal of Veterinary Behavior found that dog show more signs of stress, like yawning, freezing, lip licking or elevated heart rates when they are pet on the head, muzzle, shoulders or paws.

Petting on the chest, however, is associated with a decrease of heart rate and is more calming to a dog. Nevertheless, many dogs are comfortable with any types of interactions, even with strangers, because they're used to being around people. Nonetheless, it's best to stroke your dog where they enjoy it most and remember not to confuse chest rubs with belly rubs. A dog rolls over and shows you their underside is in a vulnerable position and it's not a good time to rub their belly.

Dogs prefer a good, gentle chest rub to a belly rub any day.

dog 2785077 640
Waiting for my chest rub

A loving glance

When it comes to attention. Dogs can't seem to get enough of it, but there's one type they really enjoy. Dogs love a loving glance. Recent studies have shown that making eye contact while cuddling with your dog releases a love hormone in them known as oxytocin. Every time you gaze lovingly into your dog's eyes, their levels of oxytocin go up and so do yours.

In fact, studies have shown that this action produces the same biological response as a mother looking at her child. Take a moment, speak softly to your dog, pet them gently and stare lovingly at them. But remember, you should only maintain direct eye contact with a dog who knows and trusts you. A dog who is not familiar with you is more likely to interpret this gesture as a threat or a challenge.

girl 5623231 640
Mom's happy face looking at me

Going for walks over food

A study conducted in the U.K aimed to identify the words and phrases that canines love to hear the most. The researchers monitored the dog's heart rate when their favorite phrases were mentioned. Believe it or not, walkies scooped the top spot with a dog's heart rate increasing by a whopping 36 percent every time they hear the word. Other words that make our furry friends the happiest are treat, get it, and fetch. Being overjoyed about going for a walk is almost universal among the canines.

If you lace up your shoes, reach for that leash, or do anything that signals even the possibility that you are going for a walk, your dog is probably thrilled. Dogs love walks because they fulfill that old inbuilt survival instinct to go out and search for food. Dogs are pack animals and while out walking, your canine is most likely going to meet other dogs. This is a great opportunity to help your pup, to seek out company of their own kind, sniff around, explore and enjoy the places where other dogs have been. Remember, our dogs depend on us not only for food and shelter, but for a relationship.

couple 3687274 640
With my parents on a walk

Seeing the world through the windows

Although dogs do not depend on their site as their primary sense, they can still see fairly clearly at distances of up to 20 feet. Open some of your shades and blinds so your dog can see what's going on outdoors. Dogs can spend countless hours staring out a window and watching the world. Looking out the windows can be the best distraction and give your dog something to do.

If a dog exhibits unwanted behavior like aggression or excessive barking, they probably need more stimulation and exercise.

outlook 4487574 640
Embracing the nature from window

A challenging puzzle to solve

You've probably heard the saying "A tired dog is a happy dog", but that statement doesn't quite represent the full picture. In fact, a mentally stimulated dog is a happy dog. When you're considering what toys to get, your dog include a puzzle toy that involves a challenge followed by a reward. Dogs are intelligent creatures that need mental exercise, and they'll act out if they are bored.

How would you feel if you had to sit home all day with nothing to do? It might even drive you nuts enough to start tearing the couch.

jack russel puppy 750608 640
Going through hurdle and having fun

A favorite meal

Dogs don't like it when you eat the best food and all they get is dog food. Prepare a special meal for your furry friend every now and then and let them enjoy their favorite dish. If this doesn't mean feeding them table scraps, which can eventually harm your dog's health, or feeding them too many treats which can also make them overweight.

dog 2583282 640
Getting a treat for being a good boy

Eating in private

When your dog is eating, respect their bliss and let them be.

Dogs don't like eating in high traffic areas and they need their privacy while eating. Minimize dish handling and let your pooch enjoy their meal.

dog 3728607 640
I need my privacy

Running errands with you

Anything is better than waiting for you at home, right? It's good to get out and there are so many places you can take your dog. Just remember not to leave your pet unattended in a parked car for any period of time.

There's great happiness in being loved as you are rather than being pressured to be what you're not.

That's as true for dogs as it is for people. So if your dog sniffs urine or poop, let them! As preventing them from their own nature can cause anxiety and confusion. Dogs hate constant correction from you, and it is important that you love your dog just as he/she is.

This means rewarding good behavior with treats or toys instead of punishing bad behavior with time-outs or other negative methods. If you are training an older dog, use praise and rewards when they do something right. It will be easier to get him/her to listen to commands later on in life.

pug 2598826 640
Doing errands is cool


Instead of leaving your dog at a pet sitters home plan a dog friendly vacation. After all, dogs are our family members and they certainly deserve a trip to a new place.

Dogs love vacation, well who doesn't? There are many hotels that are pet friendly. If you have a small dog, air travel is relatively easier. You should also make sure that they wear identification tags if they're going outside during the day. This will help people find your lost pets quickly.

You should always make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise while they're away from home. They need lots of walks and playtime so that their energy levels stay up.

dog 2289451 640
I'm cooler than you

Conclusion: Things Dogs Love the Most

At the end of the day, the things dogs love the most involves being with you and spending time with you. Most of the items in this list just requires your time.

You know one more thing that you and your dog will love that's not on the list? Feruo Dog Leash! This will easily make it to the things dogs love the most considering how comfortable it is for them, and allows them freedom to move around. It also allows you to be happy with its rich features such as LED light, built-in poop bag dispenser, and lots more which results in your pooch's happiness.

Now that you know the things dogs love the most, make sure to make some time to incorporate them into their daily lives. Having a happy dog makes you happy and calm.

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